ANALOG by Satellite June

ANALOG by Satellite June

I wanted to share with you the recent collaboration I did with Nikki from Satellite June.

Nikki is a talented photographer who only uses analog photography, which gives her photo’s a certain dreamy atmosphere totally natural and with no photo-editing! So when she reached out to me for a collaboration I was immediately enthusiastic!
Nikki fell in love with analog photography a couple of years ago. She explains; “Analog photography is like magic to me. You’re waiting for that one special moment and then *click*, you captured it.”

The result of the shoot: a edgy and dreamy photoshoot with a natural model in a minimal setting. Just the way I like it. Don’t you just love the atmosphere in the photo’s?

If you want to see more of Nikki’s work, head over to her website, or follow her at instagram!

xo – Danielle


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