GABARIT Collection

The new GABARIT Collection can best be described as geometry with a hint of “je ne sais quoi”.
Gabarit means “template” in French, and stands for the way I work and how this collection was built. Via one template which I extended to different shapes that fit together as one. The base of this collection is still geometry, in which I stay true to my style, but with a playful touch.

METRIQ Brooches

The METRIQ Brooches are a series of brooches in nine different geometric designs. The brooches come in both brass and stainless steel.


The V-SHAPES are a line of V-Shaped pendants made of 3D-printed material, to give the pendants a futuristic look.

GEOM Collection

The GEOM collection is inspired by the platonic solids discovered by Plato. There are only five platonic solids and the cubic is the best known. The solids are favorite objects in geometry because of their symmetric beauty. The silver jewellery are created using elements of these solids.

GEOM GOLD Collection

The GEOM GOLD Collection are 3d-printed jewels in gold-plated steel, dedicated to my favorite geometrical figure, the “Regular Icosahedron”.

SIKS Collection

The SIKS collection is built by extruding hexagonal shapes. The silver shapes have different textures or are combined with black nylon inlays, wich results in a contrast between inside and outside.