In the press

Flair België Magazine ’16 – Geom Gold Bracelet (BE)

Marie Claire CHINA ’15 – GEOM Bracelet and Two-ball Ring (CN)

SMAAK E-Zine December ’14 – GEOM Gold Bracelet (BE)

LOOK Magazine December ’14 – GEOM Gold Bracelet (UK)

VT Wonen July ’14 – GEOM GOLD ring and styling photo (NL)

C+ Magazine December ’13 – SIKS ring (FR)

Paulette Magazine December ’13 – SIKS ring style shoot (FR)

Glamour UK Magazine Oct ’13 – GEOM Bracelet in ‘Dazzling Delights’ (UK)

Arte Y Joya April ’13 – SIKS ring at designers article (ES)

C+ Magazine Jan ’13 – GEOM Necklace in Must Have pieces BIJORHCA (FR)

Press_Page_LindaWonenLINDA Wonen Biennial ’12 – GEOM Bracelet (NL)

Page_Press_LindaBrocheLINDA Magazine October ’12 – METRIQ Brooch (NL)

ELLE magazine September ’12 – SIKS ring at ‘Stijldossier’ (NL)

Press_Page_Edelmetaal11Edelmetaal Magazine October ’12 – Article about my work (NL)

Jewels & Watches ’11 – GEOM ring at Cover / GEOM Necklace at shoot (BE)

ELLE Belgie Magazine December ’15 – Gabarit Earrings (BE)

Ziezo Magazine December ’15 – Geom Cufflinks (BE)

Goed Gevoel Mag February ’15 – GEOM Gold Bracelet & V-SHAPE (BE)

ELLE UK Magazine May ’14 – SIKS ring at style shoot (UK)

Et Alors? Magazine December ’13 – ODY. Necklace editors’ choice (BE)

Article at about DV Jewellery

GBF Magazine July ’13 – GEOM Bracelet at Trend Pages (FR)

BRIGITTE Magazine Januari ’13 – GEOM Bracelet at Mode Trends (DE)

EDELMETAAL December ’12 – Use of 3D printing in jewellery (NL)

De Invasie Magazine 1 ’12 – SIKS ring in designers overview (BE)

Press_Page_JANJAN Magazine September ’12 – GEOM Necklace (NL)

Contemporary Yearbook 12/13 – Designers Pages (ES)

Glamcult Magazine issue 08 ’11 – Designer article (NL)

ELLE Magazine – GEOM Bracelets at ‘Stijldossier’ (NL)

Harpers Bazaar UK April ’10 – GEOM jewels used in fashion editorial (UK)