NEW – DMNT Series

NEW – DMNT Series

Happy to announce a new small series of jewels called DMNT!
The DMNT pieces are my modern translation of the diamond shape, which is and will be a source of inspiration for many. I took the shape of a diamond and translated it into 5 different “diamonds” cut out in sterling silver.


The DMNT Series contain simple but cute pendants which hang loosely on a silver chain.
You can play with a standard silver chain, but also a silver oxidized chain.
Beside the silver ones I also created pendants in brass on a gold-plated silver chain or a black oxized silver chain.
Next to the pendants I created a statement necklace with a double chain in (oxidized) silver and 3 pendants.


But the “diamonds” are not only suitable for necklaces, but on the ears they look edgy too.
You can choose from a earpin or (my personal favorite!) a treader-earring!
The earrings come in single pieces, so you can mix and match.

DMNT-drop-earrings-3 DMNT-earring-3

The DMNT pieces are edgy, but can be styled more chic, or cozy with a cool chunky sweater!
Or go for a sweet and soft look with the DMNT pendants in combination with a (silk) blouse…


Love to hear your thoughts on the new pieces!
Danielle x

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