Terms & Conditions

1. Applicability

The site www.daniellevroemen.com is the sole property of Danielle Vroemen Jewellery Design.
The Seller Danielle Vroemen Jewellery Design has been registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 14119840 and with VAT number NL 12533287 B01 in The Netherlands.
Each order implies the explicit acceptance of these general terms and conditions by the Buyer. These general terms and conditions are an integral part of the agreement as described below.

2. Prices and offers

The prices of the products and services offered are shown in euros, VAT included. Handling and delivery costs, taxes or other levies are not included, unless differently stated or explicitly agreed upon in writing.
Payment can be made in (one of) the way(s) indicated when placing the order. The date Danielle Vroemens bank account is credited will be considered the date of payment. If the Buyer fails to pay, Danielle Vroemen has the right to annul the agreement concerned and postpone or cancel all other arrangements related to this agreement.
All Danielle Vroemen offers are free of obligations. Danielle Vroemen explicitly reserves the right to change its prices. If the prices of the products and services offered should increase between the ordering date and the execution of the order, the Buyer has the right to cancel the order or agreement within seven (7) days after the day Danielle Vroemen announced the price increase.

3. Acceptance of orders

Danielle Vroemen is only bound to execute an order once it has confirmed the order by e-mail or after the processing of the order has been started.
Danielle Vroemen has the right to refuse orders or to attach conditions to them, unless agreed otherwise.
All product information, prices and order information are subject to change or correction at any time.

4. Delivery

The delivery times quoted by Danielle Vroemen are merely an indication. If the estimated delivery time is exceeded, the Buyer is not entitled to compensation. The Buyer does not have the right to cancel the order or annul the agreement, unless the excess in delivery time is such that he can reasonably be expected not to maintain the agreement. In that case he is entitled to cancel the order or annul the agreement as far as it is necessary.

Only the Buyer will be liable for incorrect delivery addresses. Supplying a wrong delivery address may cause extra costs.
If the ordered goods are not delivered, the Buyer will be reimbursed without interest or any other compensation.

5. Complaints

To be admissible, written complaints have to be sent to Danielle Vroemen via infi@daniellevroemen.com :

– within three (3) days after placing the order, in case of a non-matching delivery
-within three (3) days after discovering the damage, in case of the delivery of a product with hidden faults. In the written communication the damage has to be described and photos illustrating the damage must be added.

6. Guarantee

Danielle Vroemen guarantees is limited to the guarantee against hidden defects and the guarantee concerning consumer purchases.
Danielle Vroemen is not liable for damage caused deliberately or by gross neglect.
Danielle Vroemen cannot be held liable for general or more specific indirect damage, whatever its nature, suffered by the Buyer.

7. Right to renounce

Within the framework of distance sales to consumers that fall within the scope of the law of 14 July 1991, each consumer has the right to notify the seller that they wish to cancel their purchase, without penalty or justification, within two (2) working days after delivery.
If a Buyer uses his right to renounce, he is required to return the product at his own risk and expense, in the original state and packaging, to Danielle Vroemen, Beneluxlaan 20, 6164 ES Geleen, The Netherlands

8. Force majeure

Danielle Vroemen cannot be held liable for possible delays in the execution or the non-execution of an order as a result of circumstances beyond the control of Danielle Vroemen. These include: problems caused by the supply or shortage raw materials, interruption or permanent shutdown of production, strikes, lock-outs, any other forms of work interruption or collective labour disputes, energy shortages, delays in transport, that affect Danielle Vroemen and/or its suppliers, even if these difficulties could have been foreseen.
That fact that Danielle Vroemen does not immediately respond to a Buyer’s shortcomings must not be considered evidence that Danielle Vroemen renounces its right to take action against the Buyer.

9. Personal information

By ordering goods or services from the internet site of Danielle Vroemen the Buyer explicitly allows his personal data to be processed for administrative purposes: managing a customer database, recording orders, deliveries and invoices, checking solvency etc.
Personal data will only be processed for promotional purposes, personalized advertising and/or other marketing- related purposes if the Buyer explicitly agrees during the processing of his order(s).
Danielle Vroemen will never disclose or pass on personal data to third parties, unless explicitly requested to do so by the judicial authorities or when it is legally required to do so.

Danielle Vroemen will always notify the Buyer and explicitly ask for his consent before supplying his personal information to a third party. At all times the Buyer has the right to view and correct his personal information.
The Buyer also has the right to reject the processing of his personal information for direct-marketing purposes without personal expense.

10. Evidence

Within the framework of their relationship all parties concerned accept the validity of electronic evidence.

11. Miscellaneous

If an article in these general terms and conditions is declared invalid, this invalidity will not affect the validity of the other articles.
The general terms and conditions may be subject to revision. All changes will be announced on Danielle Vroemen’s website.

12. Jurisdiction

All agreements concluded with Danielle Vroemen are subject to Dutch law. All possible disputes will be settled by a Dutch court.